I design digital things

Equa Bank app. Simplification of mobile banking. Searching for the right building blocks. 2016–2018. Product & interaction & visual design. With Xhevi Qafmolla, Tomáš Veselý, and Radek Frolík. See our 3–minute talk about the app at AppParade (in Czech). More

Public transport app Sentence. See when your bus or train leaves just after opening the app. No interaction needed. App predicts both your departure and arrival stop based on your previous behavior. Functional JS prototype with data for NYC, Prague, and Berlin. My Diploma thesis. Won National Award for Student Design in the Czech Republic. Design & programming, 2012–2014. More

Beam, a minimal communication app for small remote teams. I was creating a prototype capable of the real calling (using Framer, WebRTC, and Parse), so we could design and test core interactions while calling. Always just the core of a problem is implemented in the prototype, so we could iterate quickly. Cooperation with Robin Raszka and Adam Žďára. I was part of the team in 2015. Previous iteration of the prototype with too heavy UI. More

O2 TV app. Browse and play categorized shows from live TV channels. Prototyping (JS & Framer) with real TV shows and functional player. I like to design things while using them. Product & interaction & visual design of web app and iOS app. Cooperation with my colleague Xhevi Qafmolla, 2016—2017. More

Studied sw engineering (ms) at Czech Technical University and graphic design (ma) at umprum (Prof. Vaněk), both in Prague.

Talked on design (in Prague, in Czech) at Hellichovka College, HUB, WebExpo, PechaKucha, umprum, mDevCamp, Michael College, Prague College, umprum (workshop with Škoda Auto for Industrial Design & Graphic Design studios) and AppParade.

Influenced by Massimo Vignelli, Tomáš Celizna, Steve, Jony, Edward Tufte, Alan Cooper, Marco Arment, Mike Matas, Ryan Singer & Jason Fried & DHH, Jef Raskin, Don Norman, Petr Knobloch, Ladislav Sutnar, Clayton Christensen, Bob Moesta, Oliver Reichenstein, Jan Michl, Dieter Rams, Elon Musk, Paul Graham, Roman Staněk, Michael Rock, Dan Michelson, Paco Underhill, Daniel Kahneman, Marc Newson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Rostislav Vaněk, Radim Peško, Petr Babák, Matěj Činčera, Alan Kay, Julie Zhuo, Isaac Asimov, Michel Gondry, Stanley Kubrick, Saul Bass, Philip K. Dick, Karel Teige, László Moholy–Nagy, Josef Koudelka, Martin Parr, Kim Ki–duk, Richard Feynman, Adrian Frutiger, Douglas Engelbart, Bret Victor, Aaron Swartz, Casey Neistat, Otl Aicher, Ken Meier, Paul Elliman, Sulki & Min, Na Kim, Karel Martens, David Ogilvy, Ev Williams, Dan Counsell, Eric Ries, Kevin Systrom, Christopher Alexander, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Adolf Loos, Paul Rand, Irma Boom, Sol LeWitt, Drew Houston, Oki Sato, Yves Béhar, Jan Kaplický, Jan Koum, Evan Spiegel, Mevis & Van Deursen, experimental jetset, norm, Yale GD, Jan Tschichold, Paula Scher, Peter Saville, Charles & Ray Eames, Le Corbusier, Antoni Gaudi, Oscar Niemayer, Andrew Kim, Rem Koolhaas, Jürg Lehni, Michael Bierut, Dong Nguyen, Paul Buchheit, Buckminster Fuller, Kjell Ekhorn & Jon Forss, Alexander Rodchenko, John Gruber, Benedict Evans, Paul Stamatiou, Josh Puckett, Robin Raszka, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Ben Thompson, Geoff Teehan & Jon Lax, Ed Catmull, Wilson Miner, Ryan Hoover, Maykel Loomans, Horace Dediu, Loren Brichter, Nick Knight, Doug Bowman, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Josef Müller–Brockmann, El Lisickij, Steven Heller, Ingmar Bergman, Koen Bok, Vasilij Kandinski, Mark Rothko and Tadao Ando.

Cell, Apple Watch app which shows one single cell from your Google Sheet. Create mini-apps only using sheets.

Prototyping communication app in Framer. With Robin Raszka & Adam Žďára

3D Touch experiment in Framer: the more you press any element, the more detailed information you get.

Instant interactions: the speed is the product. Bus 121 leaves in 2 minutes.

University website. Everything is about people: students, teachers and staff. Each page (studios, departments, subjects) contains related people.

Places around me right after opening the app. Photos are revelead by tilting the phone to horizont — no buttons or controls. 2012

Qubus.cz. Fluid layout, custom CMS. With Matěj Činčera, 2010

Book generated by algorithm. It searches for relations among designers using search engine. 2011

Koncern.cz. With Petr Knobloch, 2011

Delicious.com network visualisations. 2007